Litigation Financing Financial Services




  •  Litigation Financing Financial Services
  •  Free Consultation
  •  Case management
  •  Zero fees
  •  No limit on the number of case buy in
  •  Return on principle at any time
  •  Zero early withdrawal penalties
  •  Similar to a CD Fixed Returns
  •  Earnings are considered Capital Gains a 1040 schedule D should be filed


Why Litigation Financing

Litigation Financing as emerged as a new financial services industry, the potential profits from litigation financing are handsome. In exchange for supplying the attorney with the funds to fully litigate a case the investor takes a share of the ultimate settlement or award. Outside investors -flush with cash and an appetite for more profits then they can get from their savings accounts and stocks – are taking advantage of burgeoning opportunities for profits in the litigation business.

Why is Litigation Financing the next national investment craze


Litigation Financing transactions assets revolve around the substantial real cash value locked away in unresolved litigation claims